*** NEWS ***

Our new litter is arrived! More information is in Kitten site :)

Dear Friends,

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Warm Hugs, Brigitta, Peter and Coonies



Dear Friends,

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Warm Hugs, Brigitta, Peter and Coonies



*** SHOW NEWS*** 24.11.2013 - Budapest, Macskamánia Cat Club - TICA and Traditional Show

We had an amazing weekend with our dearest friends! Our lovely "J" litter was a BEST LITTER from 11 litters on Saturday and Sunday too!

SilversCoon Grace had two finals on this weekend and she is become a TICA GRAND CHAMPION! Go Grace GOOO!!!

SilversCoon Hollis had 6 finals out of 8 and she earned the highest title in TICA. She is SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER!

We cannot be prouder!

*** SHOW NEWS*** 17.11.2013. We had got a wonderful news from England! Our beautiful offspring, SilversCoon Freya earned CHAMPION title of TICA, at the TICA show in Swanley. She was a BEST of BREED 3 times, and she had 2 finals ( 5th Best Cat, and 1st BEST CAT)

We are so proud! Go Freya Gooo!

Thank you dear Sue Deane for showing her!

17.11.2013. New photos are uploaded! Please check our kitten's page :)

16.11.2013.  We are waiting for Santa Claus... Just few weeks and we are going to our new family ... to our forever home! Smile

On the photo, Mother is in the middle (MTNest Natalie of SilversCoon) Kittens are from the left side : Jane => Joey => Julie

11.15.2013  SilversCoon Hollis is TICA Quadruple Grand Champion - confirmed by EO.

15.11.2013. SilversCoon Grace is TICA Champion! - Confirmed by EO

13.11.2013 - New photos are updated! Check the kitten's page Wink






Our Kitten page is updated!

We have two wonderful litter  .... new photos are coming soon :)



*** SHOW NEWS *** 11.11.2013

I'm very proud of the girls we showed this weekend in Graz.

SilversCoon Hollis got 8 finals our of 8 rings and she was the BEST ATER in this show! :)

SilvesCoon Grace did well again, she has got 2 finals.


I would like to thank to owners, that they accept to showing them. Thank you Zsuzsanna Nádasdy ( Nadycoon Cattery) and Jaana Okulov.




SilversCoon Grace - what a beautiful girl! I love her type. She is our wonderful offspring. We are very proud. :)

Owner : Zsuzsanna Nádasdy - Nadycoon Cattery

Photos by Kathrin Gerz



SilversCoon Hollis - She is so sweet. She has a lovely temperament and wonderful colour. She is black silver ticked tabby :)

Owner : Jaana Okulov

Photos by Kathrin Gerz


*** SHOW NEWS *** 20.10.2013.

We had an amazing weekend in Reisenberg, Austria at ACU. Super TICA show with lovely friends :)

SilversCoon Hollis had 12 finals out of 12!!! WOW ... Go Hollis go! :)

SilversCoon Grace had 2 finals and she earned a new title, she is TICA CHAMPION!!!





We ave got a wonderful news from USA. Our beautiful offspring, Gaia is Supreme Grand Champion!

I would like to thank for your owner to showing her and send some amazing photos from her! She is living in Woodpile Cattery, Yakima, USA.  Owner : Jan Dell

SGC SilversCoon Gaia of Woodpile - Photos by Helmi Flick