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A kitten can be leave our cattery after 12-14 weeks, with 2 vaccinations (PureVax), microchip, passport, inspection by our doctor, health certificate, pedigree, contract agreement and copy of the test results of the parents.

We are selective in choosing the future owners of our kittens as we want to make sure that our cats have the best possible living and loving conditions. We select potential owners very carefully and we reserve ourselves the right to unconstrained decision making. This approach also means that we do not have an automatic booking list for our cats. We evaluate all potential owners and invite them to visit our cattery to interact with our cats and we like to see our kitten’s new home too. :o)


We very rarely sell breeding cats, so if you are inquiring about a kitten for breeding please be prepared for an in-depth investigation of your breeding practices and be prepared to offer references.  We will not place breeding cats with anyone who does not screen ALL of their breeding cats for HCM, both by DNA testing and cardiac echoes.  If you are breeding DNA positive and Polydactyl cats, please do not inquire about kittens for breeding.